Subject: Whale uses

Lindsay J Porter (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 20:32:40 +0800 (HKT)

>for a project fo school i have to write a report on the uses of whales
>and how they do it can you tell me or tell me where i could find that?

Dear Christy,
I am a little confused by your question - how do "they do" what?  SO shall
answer.. what uses does man have for whales.. OK?  Please email me again if
I have got the question wrong!

Man traditionally harvested whales from the sea - for various uses,
including cosmetics, oil and skin in industry, and for food.  Fears that
overexploitation might extinguish the global whale stocks has led to the
current moratorium on whaling - although some nations wish to continue
commercial whaling as there would appear to be sufficiecnt numbers to do so
again.  Some nations 'take' whales as part of scientific research and a few
indigenous peoples still take a few whales for food.  Additionnaly, in my
part of the world - that is Asia - whales and dolphin s were once thought to
be some sort of God or Deity and were worshipped.  Also, some marine mammal
parts were used in traditional medicines.  Today, the most popular 'use' of
whales is recreation - whale watching!  Many thousands of people go whale
watching all over the world and as the industry continues to grow.  There
are many websites dedicated to whalewatching ventures and one which  lists
all the many places you can go to is

Hope this is of help
best wishes
Lindsay J Porter
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