Subject: Working at SeaWorld

Lindsay J Porter (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 10:59:52 +0800 (HKT)

>hi this is Amanda Wilhelm and I am interested in finding out about what
>kind of job I could get at Sea World.  I am interested in being a
>dolphin trainer and need into. on what kind of education and swimming
>experience you would be required to have in this kind of career.  I
>would appriciate some information in this subject and applaud your work
>and interest in this specific subject.  
>My address is:
>Amanda Wilhelm
>6341 Ponderosa Way
>Parker, CO 80134

Hi Amanda,
I suggest you get in touch with Sea World direct - they will be able to tell
you best what qualificatiosn you require and whether you can enriol in any
volunteer or training courses with them.

The website for Sea World is

Good Luck
Lindsay J Porter
Dolphin Research Group
The Swire Institute of Marine Science
The University of Hong Kong
Cape d'Aguilar
Hong Kong