Subject: Humpback whales

Cara M. Gubbins (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 15:51:36 -0400

Hi, Blake,
Thanks for the challenging question. The best information I was able to
find was from an ASK archive from October 31, 1997, which you can check
from the WhaleNet ASK page. Adult humpback whales are 45-60 feet long,
10-12 feet high and about 8-10 feet wide. Sizes vary a lot by
individual, though. Whale and dolphin flukes are generally slightly
wider than their bodies, so I would suggest going with the 10 foot

Hope this helps,

Blake wrote:
> I'm a student researching Humpback whales.
> I was wondering if you know the average size of a Humpback's tail.  I
> have looked for 2 days on the web and I have not found any information
> on it.
> Thank you,
> Blake
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