Subject: killer whale and training information

Cara M. Gubbins (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 17:50:57 -0700 (PDT)

The brains of humans and killer whales are actually very similar. They are
roughly the same size relative to body size and have a similar degree of
convolution. These are generally used as markers for "intelligence." Orcas
(killer whales) adapt well to new situations and learn tasks relatively
quickly during training.
You may want to search the ASK archives for other information that might
be relevant about orcas and look at the Sea World web page.
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> Hello, my name is jonathan and i am a 6th grade stundent in the suburbs of
> Boston.  For school, I havve 0to write a report on THE TRAINING AND
> INTELEGENCE OF A KILLER WHALE.  Hence, i decided to write and ask you about
> the training and intelegence of a killer whale.  First, if you could give me
> any info on the size and comparison of a killer whales brain to ours.  Second,
> if you know of any one who could be of any asistance to me, could you please
> tell me.
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>                Jonathan