Subject: Whale Populations

Jennifer D. Philips (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 19:22:48 -1000

>Looking for Current Population of the following:
>Blue Whale
>Fin Whale
>Sei Whale
>Bowhead Whale
>Spirm Whale
>Gray Whale
>Need for a scouts homework whic is due tomorrow morning.
>Ken Spiegel
>Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 80,  Farmingville NY.

Ken - 

I apologize for not getting this answer back to you sooner, but there's a
pretty large time difference between Hawaii and New York, and I usually
answer my questions in the evening.  But, in case your scout still needs
the info:

Current populations:  (c. = approximate)

Blue whale	c. 15,000  	Severely hunted, now showing slow signs of recovery
Fin whale	c. 120,000	
Sei whale	c. 55,000
Bowhead whale	c. 5,000		Severely hunted, now seriously endangered
Sperm whale	c. 2 million	Has been hunted, but remains ok.
Gray whale	c. 18,000		Population in west Pacific severely depleted, only
				about 200-300 left.  Pop in east Pacific (off coast of
				California) just removed from the endangered species

One thing to keep in mind is that estimations of population size of whales
is a very difficult measure to make.  It is hard to go out and find all the
whales of a species to count, so scientists have tried to compile knowledge
of separate populations (or stocks) of a species, combining the number to
attempt an accurate estimate.

Good luck!  Thanks for emailing whalenet.

Aloha - 


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