Subject: Minke whale predators

Jennifer D. Philips (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 19:48:27 -1000

>Hi Jen, 
>          My name is Michael and I wrote to you yesterday April 29, to see if
>you had any information on the Minke Whale.  I really need to know if it has
>any predators, but any other information would be great for my report.  Thank
>you again.
>My e-mail is Joebox18. or Lama4399.  Thanks

Michael - 

The main predators of all whales are sharks and killer whales.  Right now,
humans are the minke whale's biggest predator, since minke whales are still
hunted by Japan and Norway.  

Hope this helps!  Thanks for emailing whalenet, and write back anytime.  

Aloha - 


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