Subject: Migration and food finding

Jennifer D. Philips (
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 20:36:34 -1000

>  Could you help me answer these questions?
>  What procedures or actions do whales go through before they migrate?
>  How do whales find food? Do they use sound to help them find food?
> Thanks for your help...
>		Much appreciated,
>			Amanda Jenni. I am an eigth grade student at Mahnomen Public School. 
>Please answer back as soon as possible.  Thanks Again.

Amanda - 

Hi!  To tell you the truth, we do not have a good idea about how whales
prepare for their migration.  From what we can see, it just seems like they
get going.  They spend the entire summertime feeding up north (or south is
you live in the southern hemisphere...) then migrate to warmer waters to
mate and give birth.  So, maybe they just fatten themselves up as much as

To find their food, again we aren't real sure.  They don't seem to use
echolocation (or sonar) like dolphins, so they must be able to find their
food another way.  They eat krill and small fish that group together in
huge schools, so maybe whales are able to just find these schools by
travelling know feeding grounds.  

Unfortunately you've asked questions that we do not have very good answers
for , sorry!  Write back if you have any other questions (maybe I'll
actually know the answers!)

Aloha - 


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