Subject: Sturbridge village?

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sat, 02 May 1998 09:29:50 -1000

>I am doing a whale project because my class is going on a whalewatch on May
>14.  I found most of the whale info, but I have to do one other thing.  I
>to find stuff on the 1830's because we are going to sturbridge village while
>we are there.  I can't find anything!  Some of the topics include:  going to
>school in the 1830's; sheep to wool cloth; medicine in the 1830's and
>in the 1830's.  I thought you might have some idea as to where I should find
>information, even though this isnt totally about whales.	
>Please email me back

Laur - 

I'm sorry, but I really do not know about 1830's life!  I suggest you try
searching the web, using search words such as "school 1830's" and "medicine
1830's".  There is a web site for Old Sturbridge Village
( but I'm not sure if it offers info to answer your

Sorry I couldn't help more!  Ask me about whales and dolphins, then I can
help :-)

Aloha - 



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