Subject: Bridesmaid whale???

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sat, 02 May 1998 09:46:03 -1000

>We were watching the news and some pictures came out of killer whales
>attacking a rare whale. I think they said it was a bridesmaid whale or
>brides head whale???? Did we hear wrong because I have been searching
>the internet for information and have found nothing.
>My sister said maybe it was bow head whale anyway thanks for the help

Vickie - 

You didn't hear wrong, you just spelled it wrong.  There is a whale called
the Bryde's whale (some pronounce it "Brides" others pronounce it
"Broodes").  The Bryde's whale it not as rare as it is less know than other
baleen whales.  But their numbers have definitely been reduced by whaling,
with their current population estimated at 90,000.  They are not seen as
often because they tend to stay in open ocean (rarely close to shore lines)
and they usually occur either singly or in small groups.



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