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Jennifer D. Philips (
Sun, 03 May 1998 12:44:29 -1000

> Dear Miss. Phillips;
>	At my school we are having a Science Expo on endangered species. I chose
>Blue Whale for my topic. Could you please send me as much informations and a
>viriety of visuals of the Blue Whale. This information you shall send me will
>not go to
>waste for when i go to college my prime goal is to be a Marine Biologist and
>study the whales. My favorite species is the whale, mostly the Orca. My dream
>is to swim
>along side the giants for a minute i don't care just as long as i can be
>to one of them. So you see the information I ask of you will not just be used
>for school purposes but for my enjoyment aswel. Thank you for your time.
>															Yours truly,
>															John Benoit

John - 

I'll give you some information, as well as some suggested questions for you
to answer, ok?

Blue whales, as you know, are a good topic for a science fair project.  Not
only are they the largest animal to ever live on earth, but they are
beautiful and gentle, feeding on small krill and migrating thousands of
miles every year to feed and give birth.  Where do they live in the world?
How big are they?  What makes whales mammals?  What is baleen?   They have
been severely hunted by humans in the past, so much that they had to be
placed on the endangered species list because their population became so
small they might not have survived.  What is the endangered species list?
Why do animals get put on the list?  Blue whales have been hunted in the
past, but they aren't hunted anymore.  Why have they had such a hard time

I would recommend that you try doing some research on the web to find some
of this information.   Try the Sea World site for some great info on baleen

And try this site, it has great info and some nice photos:

Other than that, you should search the whalenet site for more info, its
filled with tons of info.   If you don't have easy access to the internet,
you probably have access to a library.  Most libraries will have good books
on blue whales.

Then, once you've gathered some info and have some specific questions about
the blue whale, you are welcome to write back and I'll help you out!

I hope this helps.  Good luck on your project.

Aloha - 


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