Subject: Whale Products

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sun, 03 May 1998 12:58:02 -1000

>Hello, my name is Melissa King and I have  question about Whales.  What type
>of parts of a whale's body are used to make human products?  What are these
>products and what can they be used for?

Melissa - 

Modern commercial whaling, especially before whaling became internationally
regulated and banned,  has been concentrated on the use of whales for their
oil and their meat.  The oil gained from the thick blubber layers of all
whales and the head of sperm whales was commonly used all over the world as
a burning oil to fuel lamps, as specialized lubricants, as bases for
margerines and cosmetics, and to make crayons, pencils, and candles.  The
meat became, and still is, highly desired by the Japanese and other
nations, as well as aboriginal peoples.  But since whaling became
internationally regulated, many suitable substitutes for whale oil have
become commonly used and have all but replaced the use of  whale oil.  The
meat, however, continues to be used in Japan and possibly Norway.  

Thanks for you question.  Write back anytime.

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