Subject: Sponsor or Volunteer Marine Biology Positions

Jennifer D. Philips (
Mon, 04 May 1998 22:06:25 -1000

>G'day, Jen! I'm writing from Australia, hoping to go to the states in
>August and be involved in marine mammal conservation and/or marine
>ecotourism. As the A.S.K. scientist, I thought I might pick your brain!
>I've worked as a volunteer with a sea turtle conservation project on the
>Great Barrier Reef as well as with captive animals at conservation centers
>and zoos around Australia (as a full-time employee). I'm hoping to pick up
>a sponsor  prior to arriving in California so I can work legally, although
>I'm open to volunteer work at this point too. 
>I'm hoping you might offer me a bit of advice of the best way to go about
>this. I'm not giving you much to go by, but thought I'd just open up the
>line of communication for now.
>Thanks for your time!
>Cameron Belcher

Cameron - 

Depending upon where in California you plan to visit, you should have some
options to choose from in the area you are interested in.  The first thing
that comes to mind is the abundance of organizations operating ecotourist
services centered around whalewatching or dolphin interactions.   I am from
Monterey Bay, specifically, and I'm sure there are many companies there.  I
would try contacting many of these companies to attempt to secure either a
sponsored or volunteer position working on their boats. You can find
contact information either from the phone books or from the web.   Check
the web for sure, there are bound to be sites centered around the topic of
ecotourism/conservation in California.  Also, try research labs such as
Long Marine Lab in Santa Cruz, the Cetacean Research Lab at San Diego State
University, or others to see if they have summer internships still open.
It is pretty late to approach many organized research labs for positions,
but I'm sure there's something you could squeaze into.  

That's all that comes off the top of my head, but if you have any more
specific info to tell me about, maybe I can think of more.  Sorry I can't
be more helpful!

Please write anytime if you'd like to.

Aloha - 


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