Subject: Educational videos

Jennifer D. Philips (
Mon, 04 May 1998 22:47:07 -1000

> I'm an 11th grader studying Marine Science in school. I was looking for some
>educational videos on marine mamals like the seal, whale, manatee, squid,
>I need them for a project I'm doing for extra credit. I can't find any videos
>anywhere. It doesn't have to be on animals. Maybe ocean currents or something
>like that. 

Susan - 

You should be able to find the National Geographic Series videos at any
local video store, especially the larger chain/corporate stores such as
Blockbuster, etc.  Many other nature video series should also be found
there.  I know for sure I have seen such videos at the Blockbuster in my
area.  Otherwise, you might try a nature/earth products store maybe in a
larger shopping mall.

I hope this offers some help!  One other solution would be to search the
web for videos available for purchase, or specifically take at look at
these sites:
National Geographic:

Good luck on your project!

Aloha - 



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