Subject: Minke whale population

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Tue, 05 May 1998 20:40:41 -1000

>About how many Minke Whales are alive at this moment?
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>              Phillip & JP

Phillip and JP - 

Actually, minke whales are the most abundant baleen whale species.  There
is an extimated total population of about 550,000, maybe even more.  Of
course, scientists do not know the exact number because population size
estimates are very difficult, but it is definite that there are many minke
whales in the world.  It is thought that the minke whales has benefitted
from the overexploitation of the other larger baleen whales (which have
been reduced in numbers by over whaling).  Because there have been fewer of
their competitors, there has been more prey to sustain larger populations
of minke whales.

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