Subject: Endangered whales

Jennifer D. Philips (
Wed, 06 May 1998 18:26:37 -1000

>I want to know what are the statistics of the endangered whales?  Do you
>possibly have any quotes on any scientists about the endangered whales?
> Thank you.
> Please e-mail me at this adress   Jules015

Jules - 

Do you think you can clarify your question a little?  I could pass on some
information about endangered whales and the fight for their conservation,
but I am not sure what you are asking when you ask for the 'statistics' on
the whales.   Also, what kind of quotes from scientists are you interested

Sorry I can't answer your questions, but if you email back, I'm sure I can
help.  You might want to try searching the whalenet archives for questions
that have already been answered along the lines of your interest.  

Here's something to start you out:  from the book "The Sierra Club Handbook
of Whales and Dolphins" by Leatherwood and Reeves:  "A century or two ago
parts of the marine world were swarming with whales and their smaller
relatives, but the thoughtless, short-sighted greed of humans has made the
surface of the sea a much duller place today."  

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