Subject: Species of whales

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sat, 09 May 1998 18:03:49 -1000

>  Hey Jen who's it going? well i'm doing this project on whales at school and
>it is a major grade for me so i need your help. Cause you know a lot about
>whales. So can you answer some question's? About how many types of whales are
>there? i know a lot about whales but i kinda forgot so write me back

If you mean 'species' (when you say 'types'), there are 11 species of
baleen whales.  There are three groups of baleen whales which includes all
11 of these species:  one group is the Right Whales and includes the
bowhead, northern right whale, southern right whale, and pygmy right whale.
 The second group is the Rorqual Whales and includes the blue whale, fin
whale, minke whale, sei whale, bryde's whale, and humpback whale.  And the
third group is the Gray Whale, and includes only the gray whale.   All
together, these 11 whales make up the group of animals called the
Mysticetes, the great whales.

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