Subject: Whales in Sulawesi, Indonesia

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sat, 09 May 1998 18:17:26 -1000

>Bit of an obscure query- what whales are known to visit Indonesia?
>specifically, I would like to identify a whale seen last year in 
>Togian Islands of Sulawesi (just east of Borneo) so I'd like to find 
>out which species are likely to be seen.

Andrew - 

I apologize for the delay in responding.  Unfortunately, I had to look
around for some information to answer your question, but unfortunately I
still came up short for being able to tell you what species of whales are
commonly seen specifically in Indonesia.  One piece of info I found is that
a species of whale that appears around Indonesia at times is thought to be
a small-form bryde's whale, a sub-species of bryde's whale that may be
endemic to the area (meaning it is found only there and possibly split off
from the main bryde's whale group there).  Other than that, unfortunately
all I can tell you is that is was definitely not a bowhead or a gray, it
was probably not a southern or pygmy right whale, but it could have been
any of the others.  The rorquals (blue, sei, minke, bryde's, fin, and
humpback) are known to be found in all areas, even possibly in the waters
around Indonesia.  However, most certainly there are species that are most
commonly found in certain areas, but all I could find was that the
'small-form bryde's whale' is common.

I hope I've help anyway!

Aloha - 


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