Subject: Bowhead Whales

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sat, 09 May 1998 18:39:07 -1000

>Dear Jen, 
>	We are doing a project on whales in Mrs.Koesel 5th grade class.My whale 
>is the bowhead whale.We haven't been able to find much so I was 
>wondering if you could help.Please help on the following:
>  *communication
>  *mating behavior
>  *Rasing their young
>  *Migrating habits
>Thanks again.
>													Sincerly,
>													Ben carroll 
>													Longview,TX

Ben - 

Wow, that is alot to try to tell you in one email!  I'll answer specific
questions that you might have, and I'll help you in your search:   If you
are having trouble finding information on the bowhead, try these links (if
you have easy access to the web):

A good 'fact sheet' page:

Tons of info on natural history:

Also, try searching the Whalenet site!  

Please write to me again if you have any specific questions about bowheads!
Good luck on your project.

Aloha - 



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