Subject: Threats to whales

Martine Berube (
Tue, 19 May 1998 13:57:55 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear Emily,
What attracted me to whales?
I have to start with the fact that I am from a small village on the South
Shore of the St. Lawrence river where a few species of whales can be
observed, such as belugas, fin whales, blue whales. When I was very young,
my family and I would go on Sunday afternoon to the main duck to eat ice
cream and look at the belugas and the boats. When I was 16 years old, I got
the opportunity to go on one of these boats that took you to see the blue
whales. We saw a lot and very close by, and since then I worked to become a
Marine biologist.

What is the greatest threats to whales today?
Because of previous over exploitation, some species of whales are in very
small numbers. Despite the fact that the hunting of these endangered species
has stopped, the impact of human has not stopped. For example, after being
brought near to extinction, the North Atlantic right whales have now to deal
with the heavy traffic on the seaway. Another threat to whales is the
pollution and a good example of that is the St. Lawrence beluga whales. The
destruction of their habitat is probably one of the main threat that whales
have to face now.
Have a good day,
At 06.59 PM 11-05-1998 EDT, you wrote:
>  Hello, I am working on a whale internet project for school.  I am wondering
>what attracted you to Marine Biology and what do you think are the greatest
>threats to whales today?  Thank you for your time.
>   ~Emily~
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