Subject: Adaptations of Manatees

Nancy Sadusky (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 00:59:53 +0000

Dear Shannon,

Thanks so much for your e-mail message.  I wasn't really 
clear on what you were asking.  Are you referring to evolutionary 
adaptations or adaptions to human impacts?

Here's your question:
 Hi! This past year , my sixth grade science class studied the
adaptations of animals living along our Texas Gulf Coast. I know there
are not any manatees living around here, but what type of adaptations
do they have along the Florida coast? Also, if you have time, what
type of classes/ degree should I take to persue a career like yours?

Also, if you are interested in working with marine mammals, you might 
want to visit our web site on the Internet (see URL below) and go to 
the "Manatee Links and More" page.  We have a link there to career 
information put together by the Society for Marine Mammology. It's a 
really good, comprehensive source of career info put together by 
professionals who are working in the field.   If you don't have 
access to the Internet, you can email your regular mailing address, 
and I'd be happy to send the same information to you.  Just be sure 
to remind me what you need as I get lots of email messages every day.

Nancy Sadusky

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