Subject: Career/Education for a carrer in marine bi (fwd)

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Subject: Career/Education for a carrer in marine bi

Hi Elsa, 
 my name is elsa and i have wanted to be a marine biologist or whale
> researcher for about 5 years now.. im 16 now... and wondering what subjects
> would you have to take ??
Elsa, the more math and science classes you take the better. Get a good
biology, chemisty and physics background in highschool as well as math up
to precalc.
> how long is the schooling???
The length of time varies depending on what you want to do. Generally, a
masters degree is necessary to pursue research in science. A PhD is often
useful as well. Masters degrees can be between 2 and 4 years. And a PhD
between 4 and 8. So, schooling is long and tough, but the rewards when you
finish are great.
> how much $$$ is involved in being a whale researcher or marine bio. ???
Not sure I understand this question but I will give it a go. In science
graduate school one normally has their schooling paid for by a research
assistantship - your advisor pays you to do research on a project at the
same time you are taking classes. It is not much pay, but it does cover
the major expenses for a while. After graduation from your graduate school
you would probably look for work in academia and that institution would
fund research expenses along with outside grant money.
> well if you could answer these questions.. that would be GREAT :)
> fanks again..
> elsa renwick
> :)
> my email.. personnal email is..
> thanx again:)
Hope this helps!