Subject: Orca dorsal fins (fwd)

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From: Courtney Stirling Casey <>
Subject: Orca dorsal fins

	It is true that captive killer whales can get 'bent' dorsal fins.
It is also found in wild animals. It is also true that no one quite knows
why dorsal fins bend. Many reasons have been suggested - slower swimming
speeds in captivity allow the fin to bend, change in food and loss of an
important nutrient could allow the cartilage to soften...but, with all
this speculation no one has really reached a conclusion about what causes
the 'bent' dorsal fin.


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> Hello Courtney,
>        My name is Jennifer.  I'm into marine biology.  I have a question for
> you.  I have looked for the answer to it but can't find it.  Maybe you can
> help me.  Isn't it true that when you take a Killer whale into captivity it's
> dorsal fin bends over to the side?   And no one knows why.  It could be
> because they don't have enough room or they get depressed it could be
> anything.   I've been trying to tell my boyfriend but he doesn't believe me.
> please answer this if you can.
>                            Thankyou,   Jennifer