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Subject: WHale watching and humpbacks

	Before I suggest some times of the year that are better than
others for sighting humpbacks I should say that whales are migratory
animals following food sources. So, in one year humpbacks could begin to
arrive off the New England coast in April, and the next year a little
later or earlier. Also, in past years it has seemed that the 'feeding
grounds' which these whales swim thousands of miles to reach have moved a
bit north - off the coast of NH rather than Massachusetts, though whales
are still routinely sighted on Stelwagen Bank (in MA). Now, having
said that, early summer is a good time to see humpbacks and no time during
the day is better than any other. Give some of the whale watching
companies a call and ask how their sightings have been a few weeks before
your planned trip. Hope this helps.


Courtney Stirling Casey
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> Subject: Migration of Humpbacks in the Atlantic
> My husband is trying to organize a family trip to see Humback Whales in
> the Atlantic next summer.  We would like to see humpback Whales.  When
> would the best times of the year to go to Cape Cod to see them?  What is
> the best time of the day to go out in a boat to see the most activity?
> Patty Feeney