Subject: RE: Pursuing a Career in whale science

Rui (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 13:34:46 -0000

>Hello My name is Jamie and I am from Portland, Oregon.  I am >a animal
>sciences major graduating in December of 1998 from Oregon >State
 >I am very interested in marine life and would someday like >to become a
>large aquatic mammal veterinarian.  I am an experienced >swimmer and am
>a certified PADI diver.  I was wondering if you might be >able to help me
>seek out a research institution or if the one that you are
>currently at may be looking to hire this coming winter?
> >>Thank you,
> >>Jamie Sprando

Hi Jamie,

Aquatic mammal veterinarians are an important part of the personnel in any
Ocean Park and in several zoos. More recently the development of marine
mammal stranding networks created a bigger need for those specialists.

Unfortunately, we already have a veterinarian specialised in marine mammal
pathology, who collaborates with us. But you can try to contact oceanaria,
as they often are willing o accept people as volunteers or on probation,
which can lead to a job opportunity. Many of these places also have their
own rehabilitation programs for aquatic mammals.

Below I give you some URLs containing information on that issue. You will
also find other contacts at Whale Net's link page

Good luck and go ahead with your dreams...


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