Subject: Whale watching at Matinicus Rock

S. Jones (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:12:22 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998 wrote:

> My family is staying in Vinalhaven,ME..We have our own boat.We heard that
> nearby Matinicus Rock was a great place to see whales.Our first trip out we
> had fun but saw no whales. We need some guidance on specifically which
> location will give us the best chance because it is a big rock surrounded by a
> lot of water! Do you know of anyone who is familiar with whale watching in
> that particular area?                                      
> Thanks,                                  
> John Barbour

Dear John,

I suggest you give Hardy Boat Cruises a call at 1-800-278-3346 or
1-207-677-2026.  They have regular cruises to Matinicus Rock and should be
able to tell you what wildlife they have been seeing lately.  I looked at
their web page and they see seabirds, dolphins, and they have noticed "a
dramatic increase in whale sightings".  Depending on how many
whales they were seeing before, this number could vary from 5-20
sightings a month.  Another option is to contact the ferry system.  I
noticed there is a ferry to the rock and they ususally keep track of whale
sightings (at least on the west coast).  I know there are whales off
Stellwagen Bank, Bar Harbor, and the Bay of Fundy right now
-mostly humpback whales, right whales, minke whales, and fin whales.  But,
those places are a little further away.

Hope this information helps!