Subject: Whale Feeding Times

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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 13:26:35 -0400

Dear Mr and Mrs Bole -

There is not a particular time of day that you can see any particular
behavior.  Most of the feeding behavior we observe is dependent upon the
location of the schools of fish in the water column.  If the schools of
fish are near the bottom, then the whales might feed deep down.  This
behavior is characterized by shorter surface times and longer, deeper dives
by the whales.  Alternately, if the fish are near the surface, the whales
will sometimes feed, open mouth, right at the surface.  The fish schools
are unpredictable, and accordingly, so are the whales!

Thank you for your inquiry!


Lisa Foerster
Director, CORE

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> Subject: Whale Feeding Times
> Date: Sunday, August 09, 1998 9:44 PM
> My husband and I will be going on a Whale Watch boat out of Gloucester in
> week.  There seem to be two times listed (8:00 A.M.and 1:30 P.M.).  We
> wondering if either of those times would be a better time to see whales
as we
> don't know if they might feed in the morning or the afternoon.  Thank
>    Ann Bole