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I need to know the migration process of the fin whale. can you help me/
i need to knpw the gray whale migration. Can you help me?
Ray Passanante

Hello Ray,

Baleen whales usually have migrations related with the breeding and feeding
seasons. In the feeding seasons with warmer waters, they usually move to
higher latitudes (near the Artic and Antartic), where they find plenty of
food. When the water starts to get cold they migrate to the warmer regions
near in lower latitudes. There they spend most of theyr time breeding and
raising their calves. There seems to be some feeding, whenever the
oppurtunity arises, but not compared to the feeding seasons in higher
for more information about the two species you asked (fin and gray whales)
try these links,

You will also find a lot of information about this in the ASK archives. To
do that, go to the WhaleNet main page and hit SEARCH WHALENET, or use this
edu:2834/WhaleNet, and in the box put fin whale migration or gray whale
migration. You will find a lot of information given previously for other
questions like yours ad some more...

Cheers and good work