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Kim Marshall (
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 09:30:48 -0400

>     Kim Hi, my name is Briane Wiro, I am a senior at  Amity High School,
>in Amity Oregon. For my senior project I am studying  marinebiology with
>an interest in Water Mammals. I know this is a really broad  subject for
>you. But if you had any information that you could send me on  whales,
>that would be really helpful. Thank You.  Briane Wiro Po. Box 233 Amity,OR
>97101 or

Hi Briane,
WCI will send you a general whale information packet to your postal address
but in the meantime I suggest searching WhaleNet's resouce pages at or to
learn how to do a more complete search via WhaleNet try .  This should help you with your

Good luck, Kim

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