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Kim Marshall (
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 17:54:43 -0400


>Are there any species of whales that eat sharks?.


There are several documented reports of whales being attacked by sharks,
all kinds of whales including the larger ones like humpback whales but the
attacks are usually directed at the smaller calves.  As for whales eating
sharks I have have no information that they do and in my opinion whales do
not eat sharks.  NOt even killer whales.

A whale reseacher from the west coast of the US sent me this information
which may help you:
"About your question on the whales and sharks; I know that either earlier
this year or late last year a great white shark was attacked and eaten
by a female orca.  The story related to me from the Whale Museum was
that the shark appeared to be going after the female orca's calf when
mom attcked the shark.  She killed the shark and then fed it to her
calf. I saw a little bit of the video shot by some shark researchers off
the central coast of CA.  If I can get more details I'll pass them

It doesn't appear that the orcas in this area eat the small dogfish
sharks that are so abundant.  I have, however, seen elephant seals
(which move into this area for about two months in the spring) eat
dogfish sharks."

I hope this answers your question.  Thank you.  Maybe search WhaleNet links
for more information on sharks and killer whales? Kim

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