Subject: Re: To Mimi re dolphins

Kim Marshall (
Thu, 2 Nov 1933 17:37:11 -0400

> I'm starting a research on the evolution of dolphins and whales but
>I'm kind of stuck right now. I really need to find the morphological
>changes in the whales since the beginning and of the dolphins too. I
>would be really thankful if you could help me find some good information
>in this topic.
Dear Mimi,
Dolphins are small whales and have evolved as other toothed whales.  The
first recognizable whales were recorded about 50 million years ago.  They
were elongated aquatic mammals that reached up to 21meters long.  They had
reduced hindlimbs and long snouts and they were adpated to life in shallow
coastal fringes as well as open seas.  It is believed that dolphins are
distant relatives of cows.

I suggest referencing some books in your library such as "The Natural
History of Whales and Dolphins: by Peter Evans.  Also search WhaleNet for
more information on this subject.  To learn how to search the vast
information resource click on
Good luck on your project!  Kim

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