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i am doing a project for oceanography on saving the whales and need to know
:both side of issue some ways we can put a stop to it  how it affects the

For more information on the issues facing whales and the environment I
suggest subscribing to the free network called Marmam (see attachment for
instructions.)  I also suggest searching WhaleNet's vast resource pages for
what is being done to help whales.
Thank you for caring! Kim

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Subject:	MARMAM Editorial Policy and FAQ

====================================================== MARMAM
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1. The MARMAM list
++ 2. Messages posted on MARMAM
++ 3. Messages not posted on MARMAM

4. How do I post messages to the list?
5. How do I reply to individual subscribers? 6. How do I
subscribe/unsubscribe/temporarily signoff? 7. How do I receive MARMAM
postings as a single daily digest
rather than as individual messages?
++ 8. How do I retrieve old postings to MARMAM?
9. How do I find out who subscribes to MARMAM? 10. How do I get help using
listserver commands? 11. Why did my MARMAM subscription stop? 12. Useful
13. Other email discussion lists
14. Who do I contact with my questions or concerns?


1. The MARMAM list

MARMAM is an edited e-mail discussion list which focuses on marine mammal
research and conservation. The list was established in August 1993 and as
of June 1998 there were over 3,400 subscribers from 60 different countries.
Anyone may subscribe to the list.

Editors of the MARMAM list work on a volunteer basis. At any one time there
may be between three and five editors. We have endeavoured to make the
editorial policy as uniform as possible (detailed below) but there may be
some individual editor variation in the standard of messages sent to the
list. _______________________________________________________________

2. Messages posted on MARMAM

A wide spectrum of message types are found on MARMAM, all related to marine
mammal research and/or conservation. MARMAM endeavours to provide unbiased
information on these issues (ie. is not anti-whaling or anti-hunting per

Commonly seen messages include:

- requests for information regarding current or recent research
projects, publications, or research techniques - current or previously
unreported unusual news events - meeting announcements
- job or volunteer opportunities
- abstracts from scientific papers or reports - books/techniques/products
announcements - requests for products (eg. slides, photographs) which will
benefit marmam subscribers (eg. slides that will be of widespread use or
for payment)
- brief summaries of meetings or conferences related to marine
mammals, including resolutions passed

Before sending a message to MARMAM, please read the following. An
increasing number of messages are being sent to the list which require
modification by the authors or the Editors. As the Editors moderate the
list on a volunteer basis, there is often limited time available to help
with or to facilitate such modifications. We ask that before sending a
message to the list, the author ensure that:

- A detailed subject heading is included - Your name and e-mail address are
included in the body of the
- Your message is interesting enough to go to 3000+ list members. - Your
replies are meant to go to ALL the subscribers of MARMAM,
rather than just to the original author. If you feel your submission is of
general interest, please send it both to the original author and cc it to
MARMAM. (In many cases we ask that summaries of responses to questions are
later posted to the list so individual responses to the list are often
- Requests for information provide details in the body of the message
justifying the request (providing background information or details on why
the information is needed). Such requests should also demonstrate that
available means to obtain the information requested have been exhausted.
Please do not use the list merely because you have not checked your
library. (A follow up of responses to any such request should later be
posted to the list.) - Messages in another language provide an english
translation - Messages do not include attached files. The MARMAM account
deal with attachments and any messages with attachments will not be sent.
All information should therefore be included as text within the body of the
- Messages are properly formatted and do not contain excessive
numbers of typos. As editing the list is a volunteer job and there are
often too many messages to easily deal with, messages which are inproperly
formatted (e.g., missing a subject heading, missing the senders name and
e-mail address in the body of the message, or formatted too wide for a
computer screen) or those full of typos may not be sent to the list. In
most cases the author will be contacted regarding resubmitting their
message, but at times of high volume, this may not always be done.

++ 3. Messages not posted on MARMAM

Examples of messages not posted to the MARMAM list include:




- "CASUAL" REQUESTS for information that is easily available elsewhere. A
specific request, with a brief description of what the information is to be
used for, is most likely to stimulate feedback from other subscribers. If
the author lives in a country where limited library resources are available
and is conducting original research, exceptions to this rule may be made
(though the message author must state that they have no easy access to
library resources).

- INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION: information requests without details as to why
this is being requested. Messages which include only an information request
without providing any background information justifying the request and
demonstrating that available means to obtain this information have been
exhausted, will not be posted.

- COMMON EVENTS: news reports of common events (e.g. strandings of common
species of marine mammals, deaths of captive animals, etc)

that would be better directed to individuals working on the species in

duplicative nature which do not contribute new information are generally
not posted to the list. Exceptions include event-related postings, such as
conference information, job openings, and surveys. New subscribers are
strongly encouraged to monitor MARMAM for a period before submitting
messages to the list, or to review recent archived messages, to reduce the
number of duplicative submissions.

unless they are corrections from the person being quoted.

- 'FLAMES'. Messages which are derogatory or serve to insult rather than
contribute to the discussion at hand are not posted to the list.

- RHETORIC: messages with some substance surrounded by a lot of rhetoric


volunteer opportunities are not posted to the list. Persons seeking such
positions are encouraged to monitor MARMAM for opportunities, which they
can apply to directly. Students interested in careers in marine mammal
science are encouraged to consult the Society for Marine Mammalogy's
'Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science', which can be
found at the Society for Marine Mammalogy's website:



4. How do I post messages to the list?

All messages meant for MARMAM subscribers should be sent to
Messages should include the sender's name and e-mail address within the
body of the text, and a detailed subject heading.

5. How do I reply to individual messages?

Messages meant soley for a particular subscriber and not for MARMAM may be
sent directly to that subscriber using his or her e-mail address, which
will appear in the header of the message and/or in the body of the message.
Subscribers are asked to include their e-mail address within the body of
their messages, as not all subscribers receive headers including this
information with their messages. If your reply is of general interest to
the subscribers, please reply to the list, otherwise you should reply
directly to the individual posting the original message.
NOTE: Many subscribers will find that use of the 'reply' option will reply
to MARMAM, not to the intended recipient. Please check your header when
using the 'reply' option.

6. How do I subscribe/ unsubscribe/ temporarily signoff?

All messages not meant for MARMAM subscribers should be sent to the
listserver ( As the list-server is an automated
service, it is important that commands be sent without errors or extraneous

To subscribe, send a message to "" which says:
subscribe marmam Yourfirstname Yourlastnamename

To unsubscribe, send a message to "" saying:
signoff marmam

If you want to temporarily discontinue your subscription without signing
off the list, send the message:
set marmam nomail

to continue it, send the message:
set marmam mail

NOTE: If your email address is going to change and you will lose access to
your old address please unsubscribe that address from marmam, and then
subscribe under your new address. If you no longer have access to the email
account from which you subscribed, send a brief message to,
providing the email addess that you no longer have access to, and the
editors will delete this address from the list. You can then subscribe from
your new address.

7. How do I receive MARMAM postings as a single daily digest rather than as
individual messages?

To receive marmam messages daily as a single file, send a message to
"", saying
set marmam digests
To change this setting to individual messages, send the message:
set marmam mail

8. How do I retrieve messages previously sent to MARMAM?

All MARMAM messages since 1995 are archived and are retrievable by sending
the message:
get marmam logxxyy
to the listserver (, where xx = year and yy = month
(e.g. get marmam log9601).

Two searchable websites hold archived MARMAM postings:
Links to both of these can be found via the MARMAM homepage
This archive includes all messages from June 2 1998 and the monthly logs
dating back to January 1995. The archive can be searched by keyword and
will return a list of files (messages) containing that keyword. For long
messages (i.e., the monthly logs) - using the "find" command (under "Edit")
will speed up searching within the message."> This
archive contains all messages from November 1997. To search this archive
back to 11/97, change the date range at the bottom of the "Advanced Search"
page. The archive manager is Quyen Lam <>

9. How do I find out who subscribes to MARMAM?

A list, sorted by country, of all current subscribers to the list may be
retrieved along with their e-mail address' by sending the command:
review marmam country

Subscribers not wanting this information available to others can send the
set marmam conceal

The list of subscribers can then be imported into a spreadsheet or
wordprocessing package where a "find" command can be used to locate a
particular subscriber.

10. How do I get help using listserver commands?

A list of common commands for different listserver functions (subscribing,
retrieving files, etc.) is obtainable by sending the message:
A more detailed list of listserver commands may be obtained by sending the
info refcard

11. Why did my MARMAM subscription stop?

Your subscription may be cancelled if your email is undeliverable. This can
happen, for example, if your in-box is full or if your server is down for a
period of time. When this happens the marmamed account will receive error
messages, and those whose accounts bounce back are either automatically
deleted from the list or manually deleted by the list Editors every once in
a while. If you find that you receive no MARMAM messages for a few days,
try subscribing to the list again.

12. Useful websites

Detailed below are some World Wide Web Marine Mammal related links. Many of
these contain further links to other sites.

The Society for Marine Mammalogy: ""

The National Marine Mammal Laboratory Homepage: ""

The Acoustical Society of America: ""

The European Cetacean Society:

International Whaling Commission:


13. Other email discussion lists

Some other email lists that may be relevent to marine mammals include the
following. (Lists on a variety of topics which may vary in relevence are
included - the editors take no responsibility for the content of these and
are included here for reference only.)

Lists are shown as topic, listserver and mailing list name. To subscribe
send a message to the appropriate listserver with the message "subscribe
<listname> <your name>"

Bioacoustics:, Bioacoustics-L Biotelemetry:
LISTSERV@BGUVM.BGU.AC.IL, biotelem Conservation network:, conslink Ecology, Ecological Society of America:, ecolog-l Fish and Wildlife Information Management:, FWIM-L Fisheries and Social Science:, fishfolk Marine Studies and Information:, marine-l Mammal: LISTSERV@SIVM.SI.EDU, Mammal-l

(please let the editors know of other lists to include here)

14. Who do I contact with my questions and concerns?

Questions and concerns about MARMAM can be sent to the list editors (Robin
Baird, Sascha Hooker, Sara Ellis, Shannon Gowans or Daniel Palacios) at

The MARMAM FAQ can also be found at the website:

Updated July, 1998
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