Subject: ammonia neutralizing

Kim Marshall (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 15:51:45 -0400

> Question:

> >I have a number of indoor litter boxes for my house rabbits and their
> >urine is so amazingly strong that it actually eats away the coils in my
> >central air conditioning unit. Rabbits can not tolerate cat litter so I
>use a
> >litter made of recycled newspapers.
> >I already bought a hepa aircleaner which did not help.
> >
> >Any thoughts about how to neutralize the strong urine safely?
> >
> >Thanks, Larry

Hello Larry,

Your question is a little out of my league as I study whales and their
urine dissipates in the water.  You might want to contact a vet school?
Sorry - good luck!

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