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>Dear Mr. Early,
>	We are students in Mrs. Thibodeaux's GT science class.  Please answer
>these questions as soon as possible.
>	Where do you think Pogoe is heading once he gets through the strait?
>Travis Vandaveer
>	What kind of material do you use to sew the transmitter on and what is
>it made of?   Alex Lyssy
>	Is Poego in safe waters as of September 18,1998? Brian Fitzpatrick
>	Is Poego with other seals?  If he is, do you know if any of them are
>taged?  If some are taged, will you tell us what their names are. 
>David McCoy. Thank you!!!!!!!

To: Mrs Thibodeaux's class (hope you got my last reply on Friday)


If "PoeGo" does what the last hooded seal we tagged did, once he is past
Newfoundland he will continue north until he reaches arctic ice as it forms
and moves south (somewhere in the Davis Strait).  Of course what he will
actually do will be up to him so who knows for sure.  Also we have to hope
that his transmitter will keep working long enough to see what happens (so
keep your fingers crossed).


Yikes! That sounds like it might hurt.  "PoeGo"'s tag is glued to the hair
on his back (no sewing here).  We use a quick setting waterproof epoxy glue
(there are some pictures of this on WhaleNet).  The transmitter sticks to
the hair and (hopefully) stays on until the seal sheds his hair.  Seals do
this once a year.  Hooded seals moult (loose their hair and regrow a new
coat) around June, so if things go well the tag could stay on for that long
( so keep your fingers crossed too).


As of today (Monday 9/21) I am still getting signals form the tag.  I am
writing this before I check where he is today so I do not know if he has
moved from where he was on Friday.  I do not know much about the area he
has been in, but I think he might like to be in deeper water (again,
though, it is up to him hopefully he can stay out of trouble and find food,
looks like you should cross your fingers too).


Right now "PoeGo" is the only tagged seal we are tracking.  You can check
the WhaleNet archives for seals that we have tracked in the past (and there
should be several going out soon.  "PoeGo" is probably not with other seals
right now, hooded seals generally do not group up except for short periods
when they breed and moult. (So, I guess you can keep your fingers crossed
as well that the other seals we are planning to tag and release will be
going out soon, so you will have more seals to track).



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