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Mon, 28 Sep 1998 20:12:20 -0100

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>Hi, my name is Kory Vaughn.  I am in the 10th grade in Utah.
>I have an assignment due by Sept 30 in my biology class, to do a personal
>interview with a scientist.  Is this possible to do with you via Email?
>If so, I need the following questions answered:
>    Name: Rui Prieto

      gender: male

      age: 27

      colleges you attended: Brasilio Machado, in Brasil (Sao Paulo) and
MAria Amalia Vaz de Carvalho, in Portugal

     degrees earned: Marine Biologist, a degree obtained in the University
of Algarve, Portugal. My thesys versed on the "Age determination of Common
dolphins, using Dentine Growth Layers, in the teeth"

 a brief description of your field of science, what you are researching at
present if anything: I work on cetacean biology in the Azores, at the
Department of Oceanography and Fisheries of the Univ. of Azores. We have
some research programs, on the relation between whale watching and
cetaceans, the study of cetacean distribution and densities in the Azores,
cetacean accoustics and will start some work on cetacean interactions with
fisheries this fall.

>What goals you have in mind to use your research for: My first goal is the
development of cetology (study of cetaceans) in the Azores, and a better
understanding of the biology of these animals in this part of the world.
Most of the studies we are undertaking at the momment are intended to make
the coexistence of humans and cetaceans possible, without causing problems
to any of the sides. We hope to get some answers that will enable us to give
advise in order to make the human activities less harmfull to the cetaceans
(if that is the case), but trying not to mae life impossible to people in
the process.

 What advice would you have for anyone in high school today, that is
planning to enter your field of
science? Focus in finishing high school in hte first place. If you don't do
that there is no point in dreaming about marine biology. And study the
classes you hate most twice, because without them you will not finish. If
you still get the time, start reading some general books about marine
science, that you will find in any science shelves in most  bookstores.
That's the first place I go when I visit the US!
Talk to your guidance counselor, because they can give you a lot of help,
and they are there for that purpose. And don't give up when things get

>Thank you very much for your help
You are very welcome!!!

>Kory Vaughn

All the best,

Rui  :-+);

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