Subject: Re: Determining English equivalent to Latin names

Nancy Sadusky (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 23:27:21 +0000

Dear Don,

Thanks for your question:

Is there some source for which one can determine the
English equivalent to latin names for Whales. 

 For example 

  a) Dugongo dugon------------?

  b) Delphinus delphis--------?

  c) Neobalena marginata------?

  d) Balaenoptera physalus----?

My speciality is manatees, so I can only give you information about 
a).  Dugongo dugon

The latin name is actually Dugong dugon. Manatees and dugongs belong 
to the Order Sirenia.  Although they have similar body shape and 
overlap in some habitat areas, dugongs are not related 
to whales.   I spoke with our biologist, and she says that she thinks 
the English equivalent is just simply dugong. The people who live 
along the western Pacific and Indian oceans also call them "sea 

As far as the other names, you might want 
to check the following web sites to see if you could find your answer 

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