Subject: Re: Species Size

Greg Early (
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 15:36:58 -0400

At 09:17 AM 10/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Is there anywhere online I can find a listing of whale species by size.  I
>know the Blue is the largest, but I would like to know how the other species
>relate by size.
>Thank you!
>Ginny    :)


The hard part, here is the online part.  You might try the New England
Aquarium web page for a list of links ( (they pay me to say that)
or have a good list
of links.  There is a list (by length) in an old marine mammal book
"Mammals of the Oceans" by Richard Martin (if you can dig up a copy).
Basically, in terms of length: Blue,Fin,
Whale,Killer,Pilot,Narwhal,Beluga,Elephant (the land kind not the seal).



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