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>I am doing a project for the Williams/Mystic Program and
having difficulty
>finding information regarding to policy or laws regarding the captivity or
>stranding of marine mammals.=A0=A0 Also, I would like to find out if there are
>rules and regulaions regarding breeding or training in captivity.=A0 Thank
>you for any help you can give!!
>Erika Zollett

Erika -

There are governmental regulations and policy in place and in operation regarding the protection of marine mammals, especially the Marine Mammal Protection Act governed by the National Marine Fisheries Service.  I would take a look at their web page:
The page has a link to the MMPA actual code.  The MMPA governs any form of interaction, manipulation, and impact on marine mammals by humans and human activity.  Regulations regarding "take" of marine mammals, which includes even just effecting the behavior of a marine mammals, dictate that organizations must obtain permits via set application processes in order to conduct activities that might impact marine mammals, including, of course, taking and holding any marine mammal into captivity. 

As for training and breeding policy, I cannot personally think of any regulations that specifically pertain to this.  However, the permits that institutions must obtain in order to hold marine mammals in captivity imply certain care and handling rules that would of course apply to their training and breeding.  Take a look at the IMATA web page: (International Marine Animal Trainers Association).  Maybe they have= some info there.   Otherwise, if you really need to find the= information, I would try researching various parks and facilities by= contacting their training managers personally.  You might also find= something pertaining to training and breeding at the NMFS page above.

Good luck, hope this has helped.  Write again anytime.

Aloha -
Jen Philips


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