Subject: Dive times

Jennifer D. Philips (
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 10:31:33 -1000

>Dear Jen,  my name is Ryan Barnes and I have a question about whales.
>Could you please tell me how long can a whale stay under water without taking
>a breath.
>thank you.

Ryan -

There are a couple diving record holders among whales:  the sperm whale has
been known to dive for as long as 1 hour or more, and a bottlenosed whale
may have been underwater for 2 hours, according to one report.  These are
both toothed whales.  The records among baleen whales are shorter, but
still much longer than one would expect, considering they are air breathing

Write again anytime!  Thanks for your question.

Aloha -
Jen Philips

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