Subject: Northwest Pacific viewing of whales

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 17:00:49 -1000

>My Aunt is very interested in obtaining information on whales.  More
>precisely, she is interested in information pertaining to their travel
>patterns in the northwest Pacific (U.S.) area.  We are both novices in regard
>to this subject, but she has a very strong afinity for whales and would love
>to travel to this area to view them.  Please let us know of any websites or
>organizations that could possibly tell us where and when to travel to get a
>glimpse of these extraordinary creatures. 
>S. Boyne
>E-Mail Address:   SBOYNE1058@AOL.COM

I would suggest that you and your aunt simply contact local Whale Watching
operations directly.  They will have the best information for the times of
year to see certain species of whales.  Some operations might also have web
sites, which may be found by searching for  applicable keywords on any
internet search engine.  

I'm sorry I can't help more.  My own personal experience comes from the
Monterey Bay area in California and from Hawaii, so I could not pass any
personal experience on to advise you regarding farthur up north.  I can say
that in the Northwest US, probably the primary species of interest would be
killer whales and gray whales, not to mention seasonal visits by almost all
the baleen whales species.  

Good luck!

Aloha -
Jen Philips

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