Subject: Species of whales

Jennifer D. Philips (
Sun, 01 Nov 1998 18:07:58 -1000

>    Hi! This is Francesca and I'd like to ask a  question. Ok,here it goes:
>How many types of whales are there?                                        
>                   Bye! 


There are 11 species of whales.   How about if I list them for you:  
	The "Right Whales":
		Northern right whale
		Southern right whale
		pygmy right whale
	The "Rorquals"
		blue whale
		sei whale
		minke whale
		fin whale
		bryde's whale
		humpback whale
	The "Gray Whale"
		gray whale (that all.)

Thanks for your question!  Write again anytime.

Aloha -
Jen Philips


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