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>    I am currently a freshman at the University of North Carolina,
Wilimington.  I am looking for internships related to marine
sciences/biology.  However, i was wondering if you knew of any programs
that offer hands on work coupled with research( for undergraduates) that
would help me for graduate school.  I have had some lab and research
experience.  I am a member of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network.  The
last three dolphin necrospies have been very informative and i would like
more work such as this in the future.  Thank you for your time.
>Kristen Whalen
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Sorry for the delay.  Your best bet is to check the web sites of stranding
organizations (or use the New England Aquarium to look
for internships in the area you are interested in.  Also, check the Society
of Marine Mammology web site  and subscribe to the MARMAM discussion group
(check their archives for information (the Aquarium web site has
information on how to sign on to MARMAM)

Good Luck


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