Subject: Careers in Marine Mammal Biology

S. Jones (
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 17:11:23 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998, Tammy Erickson wrote:

> Hi my name is Sarah Erickson and I have wanted to be a mirne mammal bio.
> for a long time and hope you can ansor some of my questions about it. can
> you apprentice on a boat if you wish? and con you get a boat through
> government funds/ and is it fun I hope you can ansor my questions soon.  
Dear Sarah,

It is possible to be an intern on a research boat, or get hired by a
laboratory to help them collect data on marine mammals.  There are many
different ways to charter a boat.  Sometimes college and graduate students
apply for grants from certain institutions.  These grants give the
students money to charter a boat to do their research on.  The government
also does marine mammal cruises on their boats.  If you work for the
government, you will have an opportunity to go on the boat.  Working with
marine mammals from a boat is one of the most exciting jobs to have.  I
encourage you to pursue your dream, if this is what you decide you want to
do later in life.

Best of luck to you,