Subject: Blue whales

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On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, FINNBJORN wrote:

> Dear Mrs. Jones-
> 	I am writing a persuassive essay on "Why not to kill blue whales," and
> I was wondering if you could send me some information on how, where, and
> why they are being killed. Also anything else that would be essential to
> my report. Please send information to, because
> this address, I am using, will soon be not working. Thank you in
> advance.
> Sincerely,
> Kristina S.
> I am a freshman at Timbercrest Junior High with a 4.0 gpa.
Dear Kristina,

Most countries have stopped whaling in accordance with the provisions set
forth by the International Whaling Commission.  This Commission passed a
moratorium on whaling in 1986, thereby protecting eleven species of large
whales.  Blue whales are one of these species.  The only countries that
continue to whale are Japan and Norway.  They mostly hunt minke whales
near Antarctica, a species that is in no way in danger of becoming
extinct.  Blue whales also reside in the waters surrounding Antarctica,
however, it is not clear whether these countries also hunt them.  One good
reason not to hunt blue whales is that they are an endangered species and
must be protected so their population can increase.

You can look on the Whalenet web page at for a list of
books on blue whales that might help you with your project.

Good luck!

Bete Jones