Subject: Gray Whale Reproduction

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Tue, 24 Nov 1998 22:49:33 +0000

> Hi,
>     I am doing a term paper on Gray Whale Reproduction.  I was wondering if
> you would have any information and diagrams on this subject.  If you do,
> would
> you please be able to e-mail me back this information?  I am looking for
> specifics on courtship, mating, reproductive system of both male and
> female,
> statistics, locale, etc.  If you could recommend other reference materials,
> resources, and literature regarding this topic, I would greatly appreciate
> any
> help.
>                                 thank you,
>                                 Christine Burdett
>                                 Junior, Canby High School
>                                 Advanced Biology Class

Hi Christina,

Gray whales produce a single calf which is usually born in the winter. 
Like most baleen whales, they migrate seasonally so they are in warm
waters to calve and colder waters to feed. Again, like most baleen
whales, gray whales mate promiscuously (many each individual mates with
amny others and no pair bonds are formed).  Mating also occurs in the
winter.  For more info, try the sites below.
Behavior page

Your best bet for diagrams is off the wrote:

good luck!
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