Subject: Whale Question (blue whale migration)

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>Where do Blue Whales go for their spring, fall, winter and summer 
Migration is moving from one habitat to another, so animals don't usually
migrate every season.  They go one place in the winter and a different one
for the rest of the year.  Just like birds.  For blue whales in the North
Atlantic Ocean, it looks like they spend the winter in warmer water in the
deep center of the ocean.  As far as we can tell, they probably don't eat
all winter.  In the spring they migrate to places where they can find food.
Those tend to be in cold, productive, shallower water from Canada to
Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.  The closest place to Rhode Island to
regularly find feeding blue whales is usually in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in
Canada.  Some time in the fall, they leave their feeding grounds and migrate
back to their winter habitats.

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