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>Hi! My name is Meryl Olson. I'm in the 7th grade and doing a bookreport on
>Marine Biology. I was wonder if you might send me somethings about what you
>do. Thanks for you time!!!!!

If you're supposed to be doing a book report, shouldn't you be reading a
book instead of web-surfing?  Here's a short biographical paragraph I had to
write for someone a couple of months ago:

   "Dr. Bob Kenney received his Ph.D. in biological oceanography from the
University of Rhode Island in 1984.  Since then he has continued at URI as a
principal investigator on a series of research projects, primarily focused
on the critically endangered North Atlantic population of right whales.
Since 1986 he has served as the database manager for a cooperative right
whale research project involving a number of U.S. and Canadian institutions.
His main research interests are in the ecology and conservation of marine
vertebrates, including whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles, and the effects
of natural and anthropogenic environmental change on marine food chains and
apex predators.  He has also been a part-time faculty member at URI and at
Cornell University's Shoals Marine Lab, teaching vertebrate biology, marine
vertebrates, ecology, animal behavior, oceanography, and field botany.  He
also serves as a member of the Atlantic Scientific Review Group, the
Atlantic Large Whale and Offshore Cetaceans Take Reduction Teams, the Boston
Harbor Outfall Monitoring Science Advisory Panel, and the Narrow River
Preservation Association board of directors, and as chair of the R.I.
Audubon =96 Kimball Wildlife Refuge Advisory Committee."

Dr. Bob

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