Subject: career in marine mammals

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     Subject: can u help me?
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     Date:    12/28/98 4:16 PM
     My name is Sherry and i am 16 years old.  I am really interested in 
     marine biology as my career, especially whales.  Could you possibly 
     give me some idea on what my courses should be in college and what 
     colleges offer this kind of education.  I would appreciate it greatly.
     Thank you.

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Hi Sherry, the WhaleNet website provides information (links) regarding careers 
in marine mammal science...go to the education resources page and go down the 
page to "careers".  The Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) has excellent 
information about the kind of classes that are recommended.  I always tell 
people it's best to get a general biology background, because there are more job
opportunities that way.  You get more specialized with each college degree you 
get.  For example, I have a Bachelor's in Biology and my Master's in Wildlife 
and Fisheries Science.  As far as schools go, the SMM "career information" has 
some great advice on that as well - of course, the logical choice would be a 
school that is close to a coastline for marine biology related courses.  You 
might also look into programs like School for Field Studies and Earthwatch which
help give you some hands-on experience, which can help you better decide if you 
truly want to be a marine biologist or not.

Good luck!