Subject: Manatee refuges; job oppurtunities

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     Where could a Marine Biologist get a job in Florida?  What are some of 
     the refuges that help out Manatee's in Florida, if possible can you 
give me their web sight addresses? Please respond soon at

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I would suggest that you look under educational resources at the WhaleNet site 
and go to careers, in regards to job opportunities.  A marine biologist could 
do quite a number of tasks including teaching at schools, working at a marine 
park, working at a research lab, working for the government, working with 
ecotourism groups, working in conjunction with dive/snorkel trips, etc.

You asked about refuges that help out Florida manatees.  'Refuge' to a manatee 
person means 'warm water refuge' like around power plants where the manatees 
congregate during winter to stay warm (they hang out at the warm water 
outflows).  What you are probably asking is about a 'sanctuary'.  The 
sanctuaries in part protect the manatees from being harassed by people 
(including but not limited to swimming, diving (skin and SCUBA), snorkeling, 
water skiing, surfing, fishing, using water vehicles, and dredging and filling 
operations).  I'm not sure how many total manatee sanctuaries exist, but there 
are seven in Kings Bay (Citrus County).

Information on manatees (including locations) via the Florida Department of 
Environmental Protection may be found at:


This site also links to the general FDEP page with job opportunities and phone 
numbers for folks who can provide you with additional manatee-related 

Another good site is the Save the Manatee website.  There is a link that has 
information on where to see manatees, and they provide additional website 
links that probably will be quite useful to you.

Best wishes, Dagmar