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     Subject: Popocatepetl
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     Date:    12/29/98 9:08 PM
     Hi. My name is Kat Odell and I am a student from Scarsdale High 
     School.  I am doing a project on Popocatepetl a volcano located in 
     Mexico. I have a few questions based on the information that i have 
     gathered about El Popo and i hope that you will be able to take the 
     time to ansewr them.
     - When is the next predicted eruption of Popocatepetl?
     - What state is Popocatepetl in? Is it safe to expore the mountain or 
     might it erupt anytime?
     - What precautions are being taken incase Popecatepetl does erupt?
     Thank You for taking the time for answering my questions

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Kat, this site is for marine biology related questions, but I checked on your 
question, and suggest that you run a search on the InterNet on your topic.  Thru
Excite alone, I had 590 hits.  The last update I was able to locate (with little
effort at all) was from 10 December, which spoke of an eruption on 3 December.  
The volcano is located at: 19.0 N, 98.6 W - central Mexico - 70 km southeast of 
Mexico City.  The record of activity from this volcano includes large, 
pre-historical eruptions, spaced at intervals of roughly 1,000 years, with the 
last severe event ocurring about 1,200 years ago. This combined with the very 
dense concentration of human activity in the region (Mexico City, Puebla, etc.),
indicates that Popocatepetl is and will remain a very dangerous volcanic hazard.

The following website from Michigan Technical University has additional 
information on volcanos:

The following website shows some graphics of hazard implications for this 
Mexican volcano:

As you see, I was able to locate quite a bit of information.  I think if you go 
to the various websites, you will also find contact information to answer your 
other specific questions.  You just need to do some searching...these things 
take time.

Since you're interested in volcanos, the Guagua Pichincha Volcano, located just 
six miles (10 km) from the Ecuadorian capital Quito, has been spewing explosive 
spurts of vapor during the last four days, and could erupt at any time, 
environmental officials warned on 27 Dec.