Subject: Re: Red Sea-Whales?

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     Subject: Red Sea-Whales?
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     Date:    1/3/99 12:56 PM
     Hi and thanks for receiving this message.
     My question is, "Are there any any whales or large sea life in the Red
     Sea?" In the movie, "the Prince of Egypt", there is a scene in which 
        the shadow of a large whale appears on one of the Red Sea's divided 
        walls.  My friends and I want to know how accurate a portrayal this is.  
        Thanks again. 
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Hi there.  Wow, there's a whale shadow in that movie?  I guess I'll need to go 
and check that movie out sometime.  

Whales have indeed been reported for the Red Sea.  Baleen whales like the sei 
whale and the humpback whale have been sighted there.  I would suspect that 
there are more whales that make their way into that sea, but just have not been 
reported there.  Toothed whales like the short-finned pilot whale, false killer 
whale, Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin, rough-toothed dolphin, Risso's dolphin,
bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphin, and common dolphin also occur in the Red 
Sea, as does the dugong (a relative of the manatee).

Thanks for the question!